Antique Flooring – One Foot in the Past, One in the Present

When renovating a home, or when building a new one, antique flooring may be considered as an option or the preferred alternative to carpet or rugs. Some people consider antique flooring both from the standpoint of reusing materials that would otherwise go to waste and from an ascetic perspective. It can also be a sentimental feeling to preserve a part of the old house in the construction of a new one.

Antique wood flooring

If you are re-doing your existing home you may be lucky enough to already be in possession of
antique flooring. If not, you may look around at older homes being redone or even demolished. Often
you can pick up the antique flooring you need for a song or even free! Sometimes the wood you want
may be destined for the scrap heap! If you go with your own tools and offer to tear it out and carry
it away, you can be assured your offer will be at least considered, if not happily accepted. They do
not know what they are losing, but you do. Also be sure to check the local shops in the area, ask
contractors, look at the classifieds, and do not forget the internet, although you may have to keep
your search local as you may be unwilling or unable to travel to bring your flooring back home.

Measure twice, cut once.

Be sure and know the dimensions you require and keep a tape measure with you always. If you are sure of your dimensions, you can always ask the contractor present to cut something for you while you are
there, he may be so happy that you are taking away the “scrap” he will be glad to oblige. If not, at least you will know what size pieces you are most in need of and which ones you cannot use. This
will save some time.


If you are handy at the art of refinishing you can save some time and money there as well. Nothing is quite as satisfying as saying “I pried it out the old house, refinished it and installed it!”
antique tile flooring

Tile floors are also an option you may want to consider, particularly if you are in a hot climate.
Stones and tile are cool in the hot summer time and offer an alternative to wood. They may also be
more available in your area. Ceramic tile has been made by man for 4000 years and is very durable.
Tiles may be glazed, painted, inlaid or carved. Beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the
oldest pyramids and the ruins of the world’s most ancient cities. Interestingly enough, Persia also
brought tile to a high art as well as the Persian rugs they are most famous for. You may also
incorporate a few antique tiles into a floor of modern tiles for a unique perspective on this most
ancient art.

So whether you are considering antique flooring of ancient redwoods or antique flooring of tiles
from the palaces of Pompeii, be prepared for a journey of discovery and adventure. Consider antique