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Carpet Options – Wall to Wall Or Large Antique Rug?

Flooring styles and options is one of the home decorating and improvement decisions that often take homeowners a long time to finalize. This is partly due to the expense of purchasing and installing new flooring, and partly due to the inconvenience a household undergoes when entire rooms of the home are off-limits due to flooring remodeling. But as styles change and flooring becomes worn out, it is a remodeling adventure that most homeowners must eventually face.

Tile and hardwood floors offer long-lasting beauty and hold up well over decades, making them popular flooring choices. However, tile and hardwood floors are often cold, and can create echo effects in a room. To warm a room up and make it more inviting, many homeowners choose to add wall to wall carpet or large antique rugs. This creates a more cozy feel, and offers a soft area in the floor for children to play. Carpets and rugs also add color, design, and style to a room. For these reasons, some form of carpeting is usually necessary. But many homeowners struggle with the decision to invest in wall to wall carpet or large antique rugs.

Very often, the prices are quite similar. Wall to wall carpet must be installed, usually by professional installers, and this drives up the price. Large antique rugs often seem more expensive on the price tag, but when installation is considered, they are often equitable. Don’t just assume that antique rugs are out of the budgeted price range. Instead, shop around in local Los Angeles antique rug dealer showrooms and compare prices with delivery and installation included.

Of course, the floor under the rug must be considered, especially if any of the floor will show around the area rug. If only subflooring is present, then wall to wall carpet is really the only option. Luckily, advances in manufacturing and materials have made wall to wall carpet more attractive than in previous decades. Modern wall to wall carpet also tends to hold up better than in past years, though it still doesn’t compete with antique wool rugs in durability.

If the carpet is to cover a wood, stone, or tile floor, consider an antique wool rug. Allowing the floor underneath to show around the area rug adds visual design interest to the space. Both antique and new wool rugs boast serious durability. Wool is a hearty material that stands up well to wear and tear, including the dirt and wear of heavy foot traffic. Hand-knotted wool rugs often last generations– many are still in existence that date back to the mid-18th century. When properly cared for, these floor coverings usually do not need replacing in an entire lifetime. Whereas, wall to wall carpet usually needs replacing every five to ten years. Once the costs are added up, antique wool rugs are often the better investment.

Antique Flooring – One Foot in the Past, One in the Present

When renovating a home, or when building a new one, antique flooring may be considered as an option or the preferred alternative to carpet or rugs. Some people consider antique flooring both from the standpoint of reusing materials that would otherwise go to waste and from an ascetic perspective. It can also be a sentimental feeling to preserve a part of the old house in the construction of a new one.

Antique wood flooring

If you are re-doing your existing home you may be lucky enough to already be in possession of
antique flooring. If not, you may look around at older homes being redone or even demolished. Often
you can pick up the antique flooring you need for a song or even free! Sometimes the wood you want
may be destined for the scrap heap! If you go with your own tools and offer to tear it out and carry
it away, you can be assured your offer will be at least considered, if not happily accepted. They do
not know what they are losing, but you do. Also be sure to check the local shops in the area, ask
contractors, look at the classifieds, and do not forget the internet, although you may have to keep
your search local as you may be unwilling or unable to travel to bring your flooring back home.

Measure twice, cut once.

Be sure and know the dimensions you require and keep a tape measure with you always. If you are sure of your dimensions, you can always ask the contractor present to cut something for you while you are
there, he may be so happy that you are taking away the “scrap” he will be glad to oblige. If not, at least you will know what size pieces you are most in need of and which ones you cannot use. This
will save some time.


If you are handy at the art of refinishing you can save some time and money there as well. Nothing is quite as satisfying as saying “I pried it out the old house, refinished it and installed it!”
antique tile flooring

Tile floors are also an option you may want to consider, particularly if you are in a hot climate.
Stones and tile are cool in the hot summer time and offer an alternative to wood. They may also be
more available in your area. Ceramic tile has been made by man for 4000 years and is very durable.
Tiles may be glazed, painted, inlaid or carved. Beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the
oldest pyramids and the ruins of the world’s most ancient cities. Interestingly enough, Persia also
brought tile to a high art as well as the Persian rugs they are most famous for. You may also
incorporate a few antique tiles into a floor of modern tiles for a unique perspective on this most
ancient art.

So whether you are considering antique flooring of ancient redwoods or antique flooring of tiles
from the palaces of Pompeii, be prepared for a journey of discovery and adventure. Consider antique

Personal Opinions on Cheap Carpet Tiles

Having a carpeted floor definitely has its advantages, but the cost of getting your floor done would definitely pose as a hurdle in getting the flooring of your dreams. Most people would just give up and leave their floors as is. Others would try carpet after carpet, decorator after expensive decorator and would have shelled out enough money to feed a small island for a month. So that got me thinking, “Are there any other alternatives to this dilemma?” Then a friend told me about cheap carpet tiles. The images that flashed through my head were linoleum tiles made to look like carpets. Weird, I know. And so, if you are like me, a person with a very low imagination, bordering on silly, then you had better read on.

Cheap carpet tiles are actually carpets, cut down to small squares with a variety of dimensions to choose from. They come in an assortment of colors (as many as you can imagine), in different styles (bolds, solids, patterns, etc.) in any type of carpeting (woven, needlefelt, knotted, hooked, tufted, etc.). There are even varieties that you could cut down yourself to suit your taste and style.

The way I see it, cheap carpet tiles are very convenient in a lot of ways, and on top of that, packs the benefits possessed by the old one-piece carpet. They are highly beneficial for people who have floor area problems, like maybe their space would be too small or too irregular for regular carpeting. With regular carpets, they have a fixed dimension which when placed in the wrong floor area, could create a lot of problems. You couldn’t very well cut them down to fit your space. You might destroy the design of your carpet, or even unravel the whole thing. With carpet tiles, you could just buy any number of pieces and place them together to form as small or as big a carpet you want. You could go wall to wall in patterns or solids, or maybe just a checkerboard statement piece on your floor. They also provide the insulation and noise reduction qualities that regular carpets have, but at a lesser price.

Looking at all those benefits, you might think that I am very partial to them. Let’s just say that I am a big fan, but I can also see a few points where one could make a mistake by using tile carpets. For one thing, you have to consider the color scheme of your space before you go out and buy a busload of tile carpets. You must be well aware of the colors that go well together, and those who don’t, because the results could be disastrous. Another thing to consider is that since you will be getting these as tiles, if you want a solid look, this type of carpeting might not be for you. You see, the divisions between the squares might be visible giving you that disjointed look, rather than one solid piece. But the way I see it, it is not that bad at all.

Well boys and girls, I hope my opinions on cheap carpet tiles has helped you in your decision making on how to improve the look of your space at home. If you need any further data, the Internet is a very rich source of information. I wish you well in your journey through the real of carpets. Good luck!